Condomless Drilling Rough Trade Sex Sex Fest

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The weekend at Victor Cody’s continues with the second half of a full-on piggy sex fuck fest. We find Topher Phoenix, Benjamin Grey and Phillip Moore warming up for what is going to be a hot and sweaty group fuck that attracts the other pigs into the room. Phillip sucks Topher’s dick, as Benjamin shoves his chubby throbbing prick in his hole. Then it’s Topher’s turn to fuck Phillip, before Austin Bailey joins in on the fun. Cesar Xes enters the mix and slides his Latino prick into Phillip Moore’s hole. Before long, Topher is hammering Daniel Ptomaine while Cesar continues to plow Phillip. Then MuscleBull fucks Topher, while he continues to raw Daniel. Cesar dumps his load on Phillip, before Benjamin takes his butt. Victor joins the action, and Cesar returns for some oral pleasure from Phillip, who is getting pounded by Austin, while he makes out with Benjamin.


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